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Castelfalfi Hotels

Discussion in 'Florence' started by Besim Cirak, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I want to travel to Castelfalfi in July with my girlfriend and looking for a small and romantic apartment for accommodation. I did not find so much information about this on the web so I decided to write in an Italian forum. Does anyone have good tips for me?

  2. Hello Besim,

    Take a look I was in Tuscany last summer and we went to Castelfalfi for 2 days. It is a very nice and romantic village and the hotel was also very impressive.
  3. Wow, that place is beautiful!
    Definitely take your girlfriend to Italy, Besim!
    And it's not even that expensive, I checked it out myself just now, for a weekend getaway, you pay less than 250€ for 2 people, and the place is stunningly beautiful.
    I say it's worth it, definitely!

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