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Castelbrando - Cison Di Valmarino

Discussion in 'Treviso' started by Aurelia, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. The second I'd seen this castle, I was stunned. Italy has so many beautiful castles, but this one caught my eye. I'd seen that it's a hotel now (I bet a very expensive one), and I was wondering whether some of you knew if it can still be visited by public or you must be the guest of the hotel in order to do so. Some castles in Germany, are, for example, open to public even though they can be hotels (Schloss Egg comes to mind).

    One of the reasons why it's this preserved is it's importance. It was a small fort during the Roman era, but on a very important road which led north to the rest of the Europe, so it's not surprising. In the Middle Ages, it was further expanded and developed. That's when it became the CastelBrando we see nowadays.

    I have tried to attach a photo, but neither one seems to work, so if any of you find one, feel free to add it here.
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  2. Wow, thanks for sharing Aurelia. The castle appears to be in very good condition which is strange to see as most of them are just ruins.

    The hotel has 80 rooms in which 50 of them are located inside the castle.

  3. What an amazing place to be spending time at. I immediately wondered what sorts of events and art shows are being held there. I wouldn't be surprised if writer's retreats or writing camps are held there or near Castlebrando. :)

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