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Castel Tasso - Reifenstein Castle

Discussion in 'Trentino - Alto Adige' started by Aurelia, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Well, being a part of Tyrol, it is quite natural that the castle bears two names. It's location is near Sterzing, in South Tyrol, in the valley or Eisack. The architectural beauty of this castle is incredible and it's definitely a must for all castle enthusiasts, myself included.

    Its history is also an interesting one. It was built in 12th century, improved in 14th, and later 15th, when Duke Sigmund had bought it to serve as an important seat of Deutschritter-Orden, the Order of German Knights. It had changed name several times, especially while in possession of William P. Carr, who had named it Carr before he went to war (WWII).

    The castle survived all this, though. It has a proud collection of armours and still contains original medieval kitchen and bedrooms. It's most renowned for its ''Green Hall'' with Gothic paintings and wooden-carved chapel door. The picturesque scenery makes it even more beautiful and romantic. It's definitely worth visiting and possibly one of the most beautiful gems of Tyrol.

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