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Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by imperivm1, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. I was a whisker away from boarding a plane and heading to Cagliari last summer. Unfortunately, I was hindered from leaving at the last moment, and I never could make the time to rebook another flight. Do any of you guys have any impressions of the city? I feel like I've missed out on a lot.
  2. My friend has been to Cagliari and he says it is a wonderful. magical place, the city has a rich history which is evident to see in the Roman ruins, churches, museums and galleries. The marina district is relaxed with cafe's under graceful arcades, and to the east of town is Poetto beach with it's crystal blue waters, which is the hub of summer life with it's vibrant party scene.

    Cagliari is in fact closer to Tunisia than Rome and is one of Italy's greenest cities with plenty of parks and gardens. I hope you get another chance to go, the place sounds like a dream.
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  3. Speaking of public gardens, the one on Largo Dessi Street in Cagliari (between the districts of La Vega and the Castle) looks like the perfect place to sit back and relax. Here is a picture of one the statues located in this 2 acre garden.


    A bonus is the close proximity to the Municipal Art Gallery of Cagliari. This museum, an old powder keg, now holds a collection of art; such as, paintings, pottery, marble, plaster, etc. I love finding out these areas in Italy that can sometimes be overlooked. I am also drawn to the architectural roundness of this old building.


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