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Bob Dylan Coming To Italy

Discussion in 'Italian Music, Film and TV' started by sallymarie, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. I absolutely adore Bob Dylan!

    So, I thought I would share his concert dates for those lucky individuals living in Italy. He will perform June 27, Udine, Italy, June 29 in Rome, July 1 in Lucca, and on July 2 in Torina.

    He seems to love Italy, as much as, the rest of us! I think he performs here on almost a yearly basis. One of my favorite shows to listen to is actually from Rome, last year!

    Anyone planning on attending one of these concerts?

  2. While i've never seen bob dylan in Rome or anywhere in Italy, I have seen him a couple of times here in the UK and the live shows he does are brilliant. The one's i've been to he sang song from every era, not just new music so you got a proper feel of all his music and how it's changed.

    One thing I will say though is that if you dont like bob dylan then going to a concert isnt going to make you like him, so if your planning on taking somebody with you, make sure that they will enjoy his music before you go.

    I dont think he's a musician who you can go and watch if your not a fan.
  3. He's definitely a legend but in many ways he's an acquired taste. He's from an era of lyrical poetry which was far more commonplace and bought into than now. It would be interesting to see how young Italians connect with the music. No doubt he's got a large following there, but it's possibly not for those that have no idea about his music.
  4. How much are the tickets?
  5. Just my opinion lol - but I think you are right, right and wrong.

    Yep, he usually does mix up his shows from various era's.

    Yep, don't take anyone with you that is going be a drag, unless they are just a fun person with a good attitude and can have a good night out, even if they do not like Bob. But, yeah, no debbie downers allowed!

    The first concert I attended, I was not a fan. I just went along for the ride with my daughter who had begged me to take her go see Bob, years ago. Waited hours out in the sun for a general admission show, got a front center spot, and my life changed that night. I became a fan. lol

    Oh yeah, he is a legend, but not a has been legend.

    Sure, some of his music is lyrical poetry, not all.

    Not sure what you mean by "far more commonplace and bought into than now". If you know Bob, he is not trying get anyone to "buy into" his music.

    When I go to his concerts, there are people from all walks of life, young and old. So yeah, either you are gong to connect with the show or not, whether Italian or not. Pretty sure the whole audience is not going to be Italian, but the majority, probably.

    Again, just my opinion.

    Not sure on the price.

    Can you tell, I really love Bob Dylan!!! I think it is fun to meet other people who can appreciate his music. For those that do not care for him, it is understandable. We all have individual tastes.
  6. Bob Dylan is definitely a living legend, I don't think anybody can argue about that fact, even people that don't like his music can't deny that he's a lyrical genius and must be able to appreciate his talent, even if it's not to everybody's taste.
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  7. That's pretty cool. He must have quite a popularity with Italians to be appearing in so many places. Hi is quite an icon, so I bet he draws a crowd anywhere he goes.
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  8. Here in the UK both times I've seen him the places have been full and the tickets have sold out on the first date of release so he's definitely as popular as ever..

    On a slightly more sombre note, how old is Bob Dylan now by the way? I'm not too sure how many more world tours he'll be going on in the future so if you want to see him I'd suggest sooner rather than later.
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  9. I am not quite sure how old Bob is these days. For sure, he must be in his 70s. He is a touring machine! So, keeping on subject of this forum lol I would love to travel over to Italy, just to see him there! Oh yeah, and to do all the other things I want to explore in the region, but golly to see Bob in Italy would be a dream come true!!!

    Oh yeah, I think he will be in the UK, not sure, though, lol It was Italy that caught my attention!
  10. Bob Dylan is now 73, i think he finds the Italian audience particularly appreciative of his work and so plays there often. I know Dylan exhibited some of his artwork at the Palazzo Reale in Milan in 2013, so has an affinity with the country.

    I first got in to Dylan's music after growing bored with all the music i was listening to and was searching for something different, his lyrical genius had a profound effect on me. One of the most influential artists of all time, his music has been an anthem for American civil rights and anti war movements and has chronicled social unrest.

    Dylan's is definitely not fun music but if you are looking for more serious songs with deeper meanings that evoke stronger emotions then don't go through life without hearing Bob Dylan.
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  11. Glad to hear, we have, yet, another fan of Bob's music here. I do like his songs have progressed over the years from folk to rock to a little country and blues, etc.

    Yes! How fortunate to have his artwork presented on display back in 2013. I remember that, too! Did you get a chance to see it? He certainly must feel a connection with the Italy!
  12. I didn't get to see the artwork in Milan unfortunately but hopefully another time. Bob Dylan's early songs are great for learning the guitar as they can be adapted to just three chords. The first song i ever learned on guitar was a scaled down version of ''Blowin in the wind.'' I think learning to play his songs has given me a deeper connection to his music, i still play those songs on guitar to this day but can manage to incorporate a few more complex chords in to them just about!
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