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Black Friday In Italy

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Chillout, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. This year has been the first year in which I have seen some Italian stores taking part in the Black Friday sales. I have to admit that the reductions are not as crazy as some of them in the US but the fact that some Italian stores are participating makes me believe that it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a yearly event here too.

    Did anyone pick up some good bargains in Italy on Black Friday?
  2. In general I don't think the sales in Italy are as good compared to the US. This is the same for sales in Europe as a whole. A lot of Italians as well as Europeans do a lot of shopping when they come to the US, as they are popular of a lot of American brands such as Nike. The prices of American brands abroad is obviously much higher.
    When I traveled to Italy I remember my friends mom who lived there mentioned that the stores in Italy never have as good of sales as the stores in the US.
  3. While I agree that Italy and Europe in general are still catching up to the US in terms of black Friday, I do think they're getting a lot better.

    While I can't speak for Italy, I know in the UK there have been a lot of good black Friday sales and the trend seems to be growing year by year.
  4. Jamaica has taken on the tendency to have Black Friday sales too. It's mainly in the chain stores that are based from the U.S. though.
  5. Wow, really?! I didn't know it was becoming such a global thing. I try not to get too caught up in the Black Friday stuff myself. I try and remind myself that nothing is really a bargain if it's not something I need...and that steers me in the right direction!
  6. I hope it exists. Because Italy have so many brands and labels to be genuinely proud of. But yeah, I agree. There's no point in getting yourself caught into this. We should restrain from buying too many unnessesary stuff.

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