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Discussion in 'Legal, Utility And Property' started by Chillout, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I have heard many stories from Italians that have travelled abroad to be shocked not to find a #bidet in the bathroom.

    I have to admit that even my home country (UK) bidet are not found in every home and are considered a luxury.

    Every Italian home has a Bidet so I can understand why they find it strange not to see one in a bathroom when abroad.

    Also you will usually find 2 different towels in the bathroom. The small one is usually for the bidet and the larger one for the wash basin.

    Do you have one in your home?
  2. As italian I've a bidet in my home for all my life and so when I move in other country not finding it it's a small shock :p
  3. For me, the shock was to find one here, in Italy. I had no idea why my first home in this country has a bidet... Then I found out that it's an item you will find in any home, no matter how small.

    Want to hear a funny story, involving a bidet?
    When I came to Italy, I didn't come alone, I came with a whole bunch of people I didn't know (I only knew 3 people, they are my friends. The rest were strangers to me).

    One of them was probably born in the jungle of something :rolleyes: because he had no idea what a bidet is. So, he found a use for it: he washed his shirts in the bidet! Can you imagine washing your clothes in a bidet??? :confused::rolleyes:
  4. I think a lot of people probably rinse out their underwear in that facility. It's really a bit redundant when you have a perfectly good shower right beside you.
  5. Italians use it before sleeping and some when they get up at morning. I have a bidet in my home, of course...and yes when I go abroad I kind of miss it, but it's fine, I know I won't find it!
  6. I shower 2-4 times a day, depending on sports I practice or season. I love having showers. But why should i have a full shower if I just had one an hour ago, and now I only used the toilet?
  7. Hi I'm italian :)
    what do you do without bidet? hahahah:D
  8. My grandparents had one in their house, and they are Italian and Maltese :)

    I have never had one though, but then I've always lived in the UK.
  9. We do not have a bidet in our home, never have. We use the shower to wash and don't feel the need to wash after every movement, that is what toilet paper is for. My in-laws have a bidet, and for years my youngest child thought it was to wash her feet. One day we found her washing her Barbie doll's feet in the bidet. We had a good chuckle.
  10. Sabina, my aunt did the same thing with the bidet she came across for the first time on holiday abroad! I like the idea of the multi-functional toilets which are popular in Asia, as I think it's more convenient to have the bidet's washing facility in the same place as the toilet itself.
  11. Come to think of it, I have kind of got used to having a bidet in our home as it 's standard in every Italian home.

    I actually kind of miss it when traveling abroad. Nether less, you can live without one, I guess it's all down to what you are used too.
  12. Well... now that I got used to having one, when I travel back home I find it so weird not to have it by my side! Just like Chillout :D
    But I have lived for more than 20 years without one. Imagine the shock I felt when I traveled home for the first time after staying in Italy and didn't find a bidet... it's a small item, but you get used to it. It's like Italians found yet another addictive thing, it's like pizza, ca anyone live without pizza?
  13. I have never used a bidet in all my life. I use toilet paper and I bath 2 or more times for the day. So I really don't see the use of it.
  14. In Italy you will find a bidet in every house and hotel, it's part of our culture, it's always been there and every time I travel abroad I miss it. My house has one bathroom and one toilet and in both of them there is a bidet, although I'm thinking to remove the one in the smaller toilet to gain a bit more space. I shower at least once per day (more during the summer) but I need my bidet anyway. I use it first thing in the morning and before going to bed and sometimes during the day, I guess it's just habit. Toilet sprinklers are not very common in Italy and a bidet is more comfortable! :)

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