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Best Places For First Time Visitor.

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by Elementalmage, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. What would be the best places to see if you are a first-time visitor to Italy? Can anyone suggest some spots that are great but not always the more well known sights?
  2. I must admit the well-known sights are worth it. If you go out of season and on a week day you will be fine. The Vatican is a must see and it depends if you like churches and art as you will always find them in each city. Sometimes it's just best to choose a region or city and explore.

    I found Puccini's house in Lucca and it was beautiful and even though Lucca is well known, it's not too busy with tourists like Rome or Florence.
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  3. Good question as I would like to know some good places to visit. I know that Rome, Sicily, and Milan are full of attractions but what about the less known places? Also, how are the beaches there as they seem to not get as much media coverage.
  4. I agree with Gabe, the very famous touristy spots are definitely worth visiting! However, I myself am not a big fan of crowded places, so whenever I visit a new place, I tend to go off the beaten path just to avoid the sea of people :D

    So, yeah, this is exactly what you guys should do :) For a first visit, you definitely must see certain locations. Depending on where you want to go, don't miss out on the most well known landmarks, but when you're done with them, I suggest you simply wander around the city!
    It may be a bit strange, especially if you don't speak Italian, but in most touristy cities, quite a few people will probably speak English. But even if they don't, just wandering around will be a great experience on its own, you'll get to see the real Italian experience! Just make sure you don't get lost, that's all :)
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  5. It's sad that people don't want to see the famous spots because of the crowds and to be honest it's only really bad when there are tourist coaches. I happily sat by the Trevi Fountain in Rome and wandered around the Colosseum as they are very big. There will always be people around, but it shouldn't put people off.

    You will find places off the beaten track are not geared to tourists, like no parking, or public transport, or local places may only be open a few days a week or only a few hours. The possibility is you could turn up and the place decided to close for the day, because that's how it is locally.
  6. Yes, that was kind of my reason for wanting lesser known spots. I'm not comfortable with crowds, but I understand what you are saying. These crowded attractions are a part of Italy's heritage and should be seen at least once. So, thank you for your reply, made me think a little bit differently about things.
  7. I agree, because if sites are crowded with people, make me uncomfortable again
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  9. If you're not looking for huge crowds, I would recommend Venice. Many people go there, but if you avoid going to the biggest attractions (like glass factories), you shouldn't have too many people. The thing I enjoyed the most about Venice is the scenery, and I would really recommend just walking around without planning where you're going for at least one day.
  10. I would wander to the little fishing towns along the Amalfi coast. There are boats you can take for a day trip to these places. Once you get there walk away from the main port and wander through the little streets. This way you will find shops and restaurants that aren't as touristy. I would also recommend going to Salerno for a day. It is a great little city along the coast line. It isn't as touristy and you can see what its like to be a local there. There are a lot of great shops and restaurants. I'm not sure about any famous land marks though.
  11. I'd like to take a trip through Florence, Rome and Naples. These places have a lot to offer.
  12. It depends on what the visitor is comfortable with. There are places in Italy that are absolutely beautiful - like Rome, but with way too many people there. On my trip I almost lost my little brother in the middle of a big crowd because of this. For smaller crowds, I wouldn't know. I'm surely interested in finding out though. The less people, the more I can enjoy the ambiance around me.
  13. Maybe it is just me but I have seen Colosseum and other famous monumental buildings on pictures. I mean they are the same just you get to visit them live and see how big they are. I would go and explore the rural places, some distant and remote beaches. I like to explore small towns, villages where people live more closely. I would go to fish market every day and try to make friends, learn some customs and language of course. I would never go to Rome or any city whatsoever to drink a coffee in some fancy cafe.
  14. Depends on what you want, really. For religion stuff and the artwork/sculptures that accompany it, go to Rome. If you want a romantic scenery with an SO, go to Venice. If you want to visit as much as possible and experience the culture first hand, go backpacking through the countryside and eat with the locals! Italy is an incredibly diverse as well as large place, and you can find what you are looking for in parts of it, as there are really tons of places you can visit and make your stay memorable.
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  15. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title was The Duomo in Florence. We visited a lot of places while we were there and this one sticks out, in many ways and for different reasons. Of course there are a lot of great options and in any case I would hope that you have the time to get around, but make sure you get to Florence. Venice is kind of a must see too, so like @turtledove mentioned, that would be a good place to start.
  16. Roma is a stage of amazing places, churches and museums that make your tourists traveled in a universe of modern art, beauty and classic world. There is the Colosseum where is the most famous symbol of Roman Empire. It is a huge theater when was reserved for combats between warriors.
  17. All of the usual places are great to see, and there is not really one that I can say is a must see more than the others. I would base it off of what you most enjoy, such as art or the nature or the people, and base you decisions from there.
  18. If you happen to visit Italy don't forget to pay a visit to Milan. A day in Milan opens up a grand Gothic Duomo (cathedral), Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper and world-class opera at La Scala. A short train ride away, belle époque Lake Maggiore harbours the beguiling Borromean Islands, specks of rock crowned by ornate palaces and extravagant gardens. Or spend a few days at glamorous Lake Como revelling in lake-lapped cocktail bars, sumptuous villas, vintage speedboat trips and the snowy-mountains-meets-azure-water scenery. Cinque Terre and the hills is also a perfect first time destination.
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  19. You are very true. I read a lot about Venice as one of the most enchanting locations on earth. It is hard to know where to begin in fact as there are too many places of attractions like St. Mark's Basilica, Palazzo Rezzonico, Torcello Island, Palazzo Rezzonico and the list is endless. You will be confused where to start and where to end your tour. No wonder why Venice is still one of the major tourist attractions in the world.
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