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Best Place To Travel In Italy?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by Cutecat42, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. I've always wanted to go to Italy, but everything seems so inviting. Where is a must to go and the places to see? If I go, I'd have about two weeks to spend there before having to go back home.
  2. In 2 weeks I'd say Rome -> Florence -> Venice enough time to see every city with all the time :)
  3. I think you should do this: just close your eyes and put your finger randomly on the map! It's the same advice I give everyone when they don't know what to visit in Italy :D

    It's true, everything is inviting... I was actually kind of sad a while back when I realized I won't live long enough to see it all!

    Or, if you want to limit yourself to one area, you can do what I do, start visiting the areas that are near you, or make comparisons between the costs of staying and reaching certain areas of Italy. There's really no good way to decide what to visit! But this method seems logical to me as I travel by car and prefer to reach my destination sooner than a lot later.
  4. Don't go with random selection , i experiences very bad of that . A Well plan and successful execution is returns all joys while vacationing . there are number of places in Italy to render , you can search for them over web .
    I personally Suggest you to plan for Rome and surrounding cities , best selection for 2 week tour .
  5. If you can only see one place I recommend Venice. It is wholly unique in my experience (though I'd avoid it in the hottest months as it does tend to stink). The water taxis as a means of transportation are amazing and the city actually sparkles at night. In addition, it is sinking so I always tell everyone to go see it while they still can!

    Since you have two weeks I'd definitely also see Florence. It is a really charming beautiful city with a lot of culture and quiet charm.
  6. If you're only going for a few days and you've never been to Italy before, I would suggest Turin as a good taster. It's much less hectic than other cities such as Rome, Florence and Naples, and it's so simple to navigate due to the work done on the transport infrastruture for the Winter Olympics a few years ago.

    Turin has a lot going on for it. It was the home of FIAT, and was the original capital of the freshly united Italian Republic before it moved to Rome. Its location is stunning, sitting astride the river Po in the shadow of the Alps. Out of town there are ski slopes and a visit to la Superga is a must. So too is a trip up the stomach-churning glass-sided elevator in the Mole Antonelliana which houses a history of cinema museum.

    The food is an institution in itself as are the miles of galleries and the cafes which serve hot chocolate and coffee like you've never tasted them before.
  7. I think it makes sense to choose 3-4 places to concentrate on, but as to where exactly - that really depends on what you are interested in or looking for. The great thing about Italy is there's something for everyone, you just need to know what you want.
  8. My sister decided to visit Italy in parts every three years. The first time she went with her husband they went southern Italy and visited some areas and beaches there. The second time they travelled along the west coast, stopping in the major tourist sites along the way. Next they will be travelling the east coast of Italy.
  9. no doubt its Lake Como, north Italian lake Como is most romantic lake in the world. I like to share a weekend trip at lake como, check it and plan your trip.

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  10. I heard that Lake Como is very popular for tourists, sam. There are quite a few towns around Lake Como to tour. Some even have old remains of castles to explore.
  11. I think it's great that pretty much everyone who replied has suggested something different! This shows me how Italy really does offer something for everyone.
  12. The best place is Rome :)

  13. The best place is Rome, the Aeterna Civitas, the capital of the Empire, the capital of Catholic Church, the capital of Italy.
  14. +1 for Rome. If you have never been then it really is a great city to visit.
  15. I was in Italy for two weeks last year. We started in Rome for a few days, headed to Tuscany for a week (visited Florence, Siena and spent several days exploring small Tuscan towns). Then we went to the Amalfi coast for 3 days before heading back to Rome for a few final days. The itinerary worked well for us as it was a good blend of big city, countryside and small town and the beauty and relaxation of the Italian coast.
  16. If your looking for a real authentic italian experience id recommended trying the Abruzzo region or the majority of places down south. Still lots of unspoiled scenery and tiny villages and towns where families have lived for generations.
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  17. Sounds like a good itinerary with plenty of time to relax and take in the sights. Which part of the trip did you enjoy most?
  18. I agree that the further south you go, the scenery seems less spoilt. You will of course need a car to get around but thats what makes it more adventurous.
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  19. Its a really good adventure down south, finding undiscovered hidden gems and little villages! Do be warned that you might get some funny looks if your out exploring in them, there's alot of close-knit community's and your somebody new in it.

    Dont be worried though, many will open their arms and welcome you and you'll be treated and regarded very highly.

    For me the south is a must to really experience the true Italy!
  20. I've never been to the South, but I wish to see it one day.
    Every year I promise myself to go and visit Southern Italy, especially during winter when I see the Sicilians bathing in the sea in December! It's just not fair :D Don't you think?

    Upon some "pondering", I decided that this year I will visit some of the cities near Lake Garda, they are so beautiful! And I've only seen one (Desenzano del Garda - it-s cute :) I like it).
    Also. I would love to visit the Cinque terre, just look it up and see why it's so famous! Also, accommodation doesn't cost THAT much...
    There's the island of Elba that is worth a visit.... I hear it's amazing!

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