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Best Italian Movie You Have Seen

Discussion in 'Italian Music, Film and TV' started by dannyboy, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. What is the best film you have seen that was produced in Italy?
  2. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've actually ever seen on Italian film, and that was Cinema Paradiso. I really enjoyed it though - I particularly liked the soundtrack, by Ennio Morricone. Whenever I go to have a dinner party with my friends we always put that soundtrack on in the background.

    I really need to broaden my knowledge of Italian cinema though!
  3. I think it'd be Suspiria, it was an amazing movie - interesting, beautiful, haunting.
    I loved it, even though I spent a lot of time being afraid to even look at screen :D It's a horror movie by famous director Dario Argento.
  4. I have had a few bad experiences with Italian movies and the worst of all happened in the cinema. I paid for the ticket and went in, curious about some Italian comedy that everyone was talking about.

    The movie started and everyone was laughing their butts off, yet I found nothing funny about it. After 20 painful minutes I decided I should just get out of there :D Of course, most of the viewers were people in their 60's, so that can explain things.

    I'm curious about this Suspiria you talk about, Mosquito. I know almost nothing about the Italian film industry and it seems I formed a bad opinion on it. I'll give it another chance :)
  5. Well, if you like horror movies then you might enjoy it, apparently it's a classic. Some Italian horror movies are quite famous in general and are almost considered a separate genre.
    I think it's a good movie because it's not like Hollywood horrors. There were violent scenes, but it was also strangely...poetic?
  6. Some of the older Dario Argemnto movies are really good.
    Other Italian movies that I sugegst are the one of Tornatore and Salvatores
  7. That's what I like about scary movies, the violent scenes are useless, that's not horror and they're not scary. You get scared for 2-3 seconds, and then it passes.

    A good horror movie should give you nightmares. That's how I see it. I'm not a huge fan of scary movies but I know how to recognize a good one, and to be honest, not many American horror films are able to give me the chills.

    Zombies and monsters are nothing compared to a "poetic scene", like you call them :)

    For instance, I couldn't care less that I see a zombie filmed up close, but I still get the chills when I see the little girl coming down the stairs in The Exorcist!
  8. I actually like some of the older film series such as Natale in India.

    I am not sure how many Natale In films they made over the years but I find most of them to be quite funny. The films are always the same theme but they change location each year.
  9. My favorite Italian movies are "La vita è bella" and "Johnny Stecchino." Roberto Benigni is such a genious!
  10. I have to admit that I rarely watch Italian movies. However I really liked "Life is Beautiful" or "La Vita è Bella" too! I really loved "Il Postino" as well (I'm a Pablo Neruda fan!).

    The last Italian movie I watched was "Malena" with Monica Bellucci.
  11. Oh, "La vita è bella", how could I have forgotten that one. I remember watching it in my Italian class. The title and the beginning of the movie are so misleading! It's still an excellent movie, though, but I don't know if I'd like to watch it again...
  12. Well I've only watched one Italian film, and it's for school. It's called Io non ho paura (I'm Not Scared). Needless to say I really enjoyed watching it and I was glad that I did, it was one of the best movies I have watched in my entire life. The film really showed reality on the storyline's timeframe, and the moral of the story just got through my heart.

    If you haven't seen it, I suggest you check it out :)
  13. I like those movies. I think that they were some of the first Italian movies i saw. Very entertaining and enjoyable flicks.
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  14. One of my first and favorite Italian movies that I watched was Malena starring Monica Bellucci. I love how she does a very effective job of playing a tragic, beautiful leading character without saying more than three lines. Ennio Morricone's extraordinary soundtrack definitely carried the movie as well, as his composition does in one of my other favorites, Cinema Paradiso.

    La Dolce Vita is another one of my must-see Italian films. This movie in particular shows me something new every time I watch it.

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