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Best Italian Footballer 'ever'

Discussion in 'Italian Sport' started by Onionman, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. As an outsider looking in, my knowledge of Italian footballers is limited to what I've seen over the last few decades of tournaments and European matches.

    So if someone were to ask me who the best 'ever' was, I'd be suggesting Del Piero or Baggio, simply because of my limited knowledge of history. From an English person's perspective that would be like saying Gascoigne or Scholes, while ignoring Charlton, Banks or Greaves.

    So what names would pop up if you were talking about all-time great Italian players?
  2. Definitely Roberto Baggio! He would have taken Italy to the World Cup winner status if only he hadn't injured his knee! :(
  3. Paolo Rossi. World cup 1982.
  4. I remember Paolo Rossi had a good World Cup, similar to Toto Scillaci did in 1990. But I wasn't aware that he was viewed as great in the Italian game. I suppose he must be like Gary Lineker is in England.
  5. The first name that popped in my mind was Roberto Baggio, but that's probably due to my limited knowledge and his mediatism during the World Cup '94.
    We tend to think more about attacking players, but it seems fair for Italy to have a defender, maybe Paolo Maldini might be a good pick?
  6. Fabio Cannavaro has to be up there, heroic in both Euro 2000 and World Cup 2006.
  7. Actually, looking at the defenders would probably be a good thing. Cannavaro and Maldini are both pretty worthy names. But there's also Franco Baresi, who was definitely one of the best defenders around.
  8. The first names that come to my mind are Baggio and Maldini, the first had a lot of magic in his feet and Maldini is a figure that the Italian football will never forget.
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    I've seen Roberto Baggio in action and I believe that he's one of the best strikers Italy has ever had. What makes him the greatest of the greats in the history of Italian football is this: unlike most players who fail to make an impact on the world stage, Baggio was at his best in the '94 world cup. But because luck was not on his side, he failed to steer his team to world cup glory.
  10. Baggio would definitely have to be up there. If it wasn't for him dragging that team through the tournament, they would have got nowhere near the final. He was a class act that shone above a pretty mediocre team at the time.
  11. Impressing the phenomenon of football in Italy and other countries, I think that it's case to say that is the most important thing in the country, Italy is like Portugal in this particular.

  12. I agree with you Paolo Rossi was certainly a legend in his own right.
  13. I would agree with you. He was the best striker Italy ever had but the luck was not on his side. Also today I am getting angry if I think on the missed penalty at the world championship in 1994. This was really a fantastic world championship but unfortunately not with a happy end for Italy.
  14. Actually it's worth highlighting Cannavaro. Football tends to focus a lot on attackers, particularly in this environment of such greats as Messi and Ronaldo. But, if I'm not mistaken, Cannavaro was the last defender to win the World Player of the Year award that the other two are currently dominating. That in itself is a major achievement.
  15. Gianluigi Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in modern times. He guided Italy to the 2006 World Cup trophy in Germany. He is known for his positioning and he makes stellar reaction saves.
  16. This is a very difficult question. I think the best is not for me at least.
    What are the ten players would definitely be named.
  17. There is far too many greats of the italian game! For me personally it would be have to del piero, everything that man did oozed class and skill. However you cannot forget players like maldini, baresi and the legendary dino zoff!
  18. Perhaps I'm biased but for me, it'll always be Pirlo. His flair and elegance on the pitch just make me want to stand in front of the TV just so that I'll be able to observe his ingenious passes and free kicks throughout the game. It doesn't even seem like he's playing football - he pivots and leads the ball with such grace while his hair is moving majestically in the air. His beard is fabulous as well; I know we're only talking about football qualities but you've got to hand this one to him.
  19. I've just finished Pirlo's autobiography. I didn't realise what an interesting and funny guy he was. He's always been a class act in footballing terms. In a way I just think it's a shame that he never played outside of Italy (he was supposed to go to Real but it fell through), and more people would have realised how good he was at his prime.
  20. There are several names that always stick in my mind from Italian football's history. Roberto Baggio, Del Piero, Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli, Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini. My favourite and maybe the greatest is Dino Zoff, partly for his longevity, He was 40 years old at the 1982 world cup, he still remains the oldest player to have won the competition. He also holds the record for the longest time without conceding a goal at international tournaments (1142 minutes).

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