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Best Culinary Regions?

Discussion in 'Italian Food and Drink' started by Franco, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Italian foods vary quite a bit between the different regions. I was just curious as to what regions everyone thinks offer the best Italian cuisine?
  2. This is not a fair question, Italian cuisine is so diverse it is impossible to pick one region only! I have to say that I enjoy Lombard cuisine because I love rich and fatty things and those buckwheat noodles that you get with potatoes and cheese, I don't remember what they are called but OMG, the best dish ever!

    Of course I love the cuisine of Sicily because it has a lot of the same spices that are used in Arab cuisine which I also love. Oh, and the fish. I love fish and Sicilians know how to do it right.

    I could go on and on. That's what is so great about Italian food, there are so many diverse styles and dishes to choose from!
  3. Ever been in Umbria? every small town has its own different way of cooking and each country has different traditional dishes such as "Barbazza with wine vinegar and sage" "gnocchetti alla collescipolana" and much more. Not to forget, ciriole alla. if you switch from italy, parking is mandatory! : D
  4. Buon Giorno,

    For Lasagne Bolognese: Bolognia
    For Aubergine / Eggplant: Palermo, Sicilia ( Melanzane alla Norma di Palermo )
    For Lobster and Boulaibaisse Type Cassolas of Shellfish: Sardinia
    For Roast milk fed baby Lamb: The Pastoral Lands of Abruzzi
    For Adriatic Fish Stew: Venezia
    For Puttanesca: Napoli
    For Orechetti ( pasta formed in the shape of little ears ): Vieste, Puglia and throughout Puglia
    Pizza: Bologna and Napoli
    Calzone: Matera and Palermo
    Cannoli: Palermo ( to die and go to heaven for )
    Tagliatelli with Truffles: Valle D´ Aosta
    Pesto: Genova, Liguria
    Seafood: San Vincenzo, Tuscana

    I believe that one can find something they will enjoy tremendously in each and every hamlet in Italia.

    Have a lovely day,
    J & G
  5. PALERMO: I found the cannoli, marzipan and the blood oranges & Pasta Norma scrumptuous too.

    Buon Natale 2012,
  6. Aliya is right, the question isn't fair. I offer the best cuisine, of course :rolleyes: I'm joking, don't mind me.
    I don't know if there's a specific region that is better that the next one, I thin everyone appreciated food differently.
    I have eaten cannolis in 2 different places and one of them is horrible. The 2 places are pastry shops in the same town I live in so who goes to eat the cannoli that isn't that great could be tempted to say that cannolis are horrible in the North.
  7. For truffles Piemonte!!
    For wine Piemonte and Tuscany ;O)

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