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Beach Vendors In Italy

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Chillout, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Well anyone will know who has been to the beach just recently in Italy that beach vendors are on the increase. These range from vendors selling Pampanella cheese wrapped in fig leaves, fresh slices of coconut to those others that sell summer clothes on the beach.

    Do you usually purchase anything from them or do you find them annoying?
  2. I've never been to Italy - so forgive me for replying - but I find it fascinating that there are vendors on the beach! Do people usually buy what they are selling? Is it safe to do so? Or do locals watch tourists do that and laugh on the inside? I've seen shows where they film people selling their wares and I've always wondered if it is a good idea to buy from them! :)
    Thanks for indulging my "ignorance"! :)
  3. They usually sell anything from food, drinks,'s a bit annoying because it can happen than in 1 hour 3-4 of them come to you to ask if you want something.
  4. Ah. I can see why that would be annoying! Does it happen at all of the beaches? Just certain ones?
  5. Oh... I'm used to them :D
    I've been going to the seaside ever since I was little and got used to these beach vendors ever since I was little. In my home country, they used to sell ice cream, sun cream, beach clothes & beach towels and some things you may find unusual: cooked corn and pumpkin seeds. I don't know what they are selling now, haven't been there in years!

    But I have been on the Italian beaches and the beach vendors are like flies, everywhere you look you see one!
    They are everywhere.

    People don't usually buy their stuff, at least it's what I observed. Very few people buy a thing or two. I mean.. you already have sun glasses, you're at the beach, you already have a beach towel, there's not much you can buy from them that you can really use. But I think it's safe to buy their stuff, unless it's weird food :D
  6. LOL! Thanks Rosie!! Good to know. Sounds like it might be kind of hard to relax on the beach with all the people there! ;-)
  7. Just ignore them after the first day you'll become used to them ;)
  8. I ignore the ones that sell clothes and other stuff that I don't need on the beach, I do however enjoy a nice slice of fresh coconut.

    I do find all of the non food vendors to be annoying.

    I really don't know how they cope all day under the sun, some of them carry a lot of stuff around with them and it must be hard work trying to make a living with the summer heat.
  9. It would be a very hard way to make a living! I know I wouldn't be able to carry heavy loads around on a hot beach and walk in the sand to boot! I would probably look like a lobster.

    I've never had fresh coconut. I've heard it is way better than the shredded stuff you get in a bag - yuck!!! :) I can't eat the shredded stuff - it makes me sick!

    So, what beaches do you like to visit? Are there ones where the locals go? :)
  10. yes in every region there are beaches where locals go :)
    I go on the east side of Italy usually, on the Riviera Romagnola and I prefer to avoid the most crowded beaches
  11. That is good to know! There is so much I need to learn about Italy! It sure is better to have the perspective of locals or people who have traveled there before!! I'm sure I will continue to have lots of questions in preparation of fulfilling an item from my bucket list!! LOL Maybe I should ask for a trip there when I turn 60! That will give me a while to plan!!! LOL

    I'm making notes on all this information so I can consult it at a later date!! :)
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  12. @Chillout, they cope with the sun because they are african-american and they're usually used to it. I know a guy who used to wear a thick sweater in the spring months because he was used to the 40 degrees temperatures and 18-20 degrees was..cold for him (later on he got used to Italy's climate, but took him a while).

    Also, the best way to avoid them is to... pretend you're asleep! hahah
    It's what I always do, I just pretend to sleep and they will not bother you, they'll walk right past you.
  13. I've always found it fascinating when people can wear thick sweaters and pants when it is 80+ degrees outside! Maybe I am more prone to feeling heat and cold differences! I guess they would be better protected from getting sunburned!!

    Rosie - that really cracked me up that you just pretend to be asleep!! I could probably pull that off as laying on a beach in the sun would put me to sleep anyway!!! LOL

    Right now being on a beach anyway in Italy sounds like heaven!!
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  14. I have never been to Italy either, but that sounds really interesting. I feel like it wouldn't bother me; I would be interested in what they had to sell. On the other hand, I can see how this could be annoying to people who have been exposed to this for a while.
  15. I just remembered I saw this news on TV, about beach vendors, just 2-3 days ago. It was kinda funny :D

    They showed how beach vendors have actually learned a series of words in Russian, to try and be more successful at selling stuff on the beach (because there were many Russian women over there, on vacation). However, the Russian women weren't charmed that these vendors learned 3 Russian words and they didn't make any sales, as usual.
    One beach vendor in particular was so mad, she told the reporters "that's all they say ""Niet! NIiet"", that's all they say" and she had this mad face, it was pretty funny.
  16. I think it is always good to have these vendors at the beach. I often buy quite a lot of stuff from these people and it is one of my favorite pass time while being on the beach. I think it is always good to have them in case of any emergencies, for example, when you are extremely hungry and thirsty and need something badly. Also, it is a good source of income for these vendors.
  17. A lot of the more popular tourist beaches around Europe seem to have the same dynamic, selling the same old fare. I think they probably expect to have a very low conversion rate from the amount of people they ask. Maybe that's why some of the stuff they offer has a big tourist mark up.
  18. I never purchased anything from them, but I don't find them annoying. I try to think of it as they are just doing their job as I do mine. They are probably trying to make a living for their families.
    This goes to say I would buy something from them if I like what they were selling.
  19. I personally find them annoying, because I am on a beach to relax and don't wish to be disturbed especially if I am changing my clothes. I understand they need to make a living, but it's best they have a pitch and people can come to them. Also I'm quite wary because some maybe spying to see where your valuables are and if you are asleep. Call me cynical, but it's possible.
  20. Beach vendors are on the increase across most countries in Europe that are tourist destinations, so it comes as no surprise that they're becoming more and more common in Italy also.

    While the quality of the goods might not be up to much, they can come in handy if your at the beach and realise you've forgotten something.

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