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Are You Able To Speak In Dialect?

Discussion in 'Italian Language' started by Rosie, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. When I moved to Italy I found it hard to speak the main language, let alone their dialects. However, now that I hear these dialects everyday I begun to understand a thing or two.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to fully speak in dialect but other foreigners I know are already doing it.

    Are you familiar with some Italian dialects? Was it hard for you to learn them?
  2. I understand my local dialect Mantovano very well, I have been living here for 8 years + and I guess it is only normal as every day I hear people speaking in Dialect.

    I also understand Tarantino quite well as my other half is originally from Taranto and naturally I have got to know and speak with many people from the area.
  3. Bravo! I'm glad to hear that after a while it is possible to understand their dialect.
    I've only lived in Italy for a mere 5 years but I can't understand a word of what the elderly are saying. It's usually the elderly who speak in dialect and from what I hear, they are afraid that all italian dialects will soon disappear since the young generation is only speaking "tricolore" :)
  4. Strangers who come to live in Italy, learn the dialect mixed with italian, and get the pronunce from the place.The smaller the place, the more dialect is spoken. In one second an italian can say if the stranger has lived in Naples, or Palermo, or Rome, or Milan.
    You'll never speak pure dialects from many places, since they are old languages that often the young italians can't speak.
  5. Yea, I heard this too. The elderly are quite preoccupied that their dialect will be forgotten soon because the young generations doesn't speak it at all.

    Personally, I've heard very few young Italians (young, as in my age, middle 20's) speak in dialect. And they only do it when they are talking to an older person.
    Most of them though admit that they don't always understand what the elderly are saying. At least I don't feel like an alien anymore, I'm not the only one who doesn't understand their dialect, HA!
  6. I understand most of my dialect (Bolognese) if they spoke slowly enough..but I cannot speak it :/ properly, just some words here and there
  7. I understand quite less of the dialect as I am not a native speaker. If they speak a sentence then I can hardly figure out a word or a two. But it may take me at least some years to thoroughly understand the dialect.
  8. My nonna is from Veneto but has lived in Ticino for the past fifty years or so. She only speaks "proper" Italian with us, but one of the Ticinese dialects with everyone else in the region. I'll hear her answer the phone and within a minute I can know if it's family or another Ticinese :) Honestly, to me it just sounds like Italian with the endings of the words dropped. I can typically understand it, as can most of the youth, but not speak it. She often uses it in shops but asks first when the employee is young. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I grew up in USA and thus never heard it spoken until recently, so it's probably one of the easier dialects to understand.
    However, the dialects near Napoli and the Sicilian language are terribly difficult for me. I'll often say I speak Italian and then give them a blank look when they start trying to have a conversation :confused:

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