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Apps That Make Travel In Italy Easier?

Discussion in 'Travel and Tourism In Italy' started by notyourcommodity, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Since these days so many of us have smartphones loaded with all manner of apps, I was wondering if you have any that you use for travel regularly?

    I have a few hotel booking apps on my phone (Air BnB,, and a flight comparison one (Skyscanner) but I was wondering if anyone has any other good travel related app recommendations? What do you think makes a useful app when it comes to travels?
  2. -iMiBACT is a guide to over 500 museums and archeological sites.
    -LingoLook is an offline app that help you prepare for trips in Italy.
    -Cibando is a free Italian food guide app.
    -Italy Travel Guide by Triposo is a complete guide app to Italy.
    -Prontotreno is a useful app if you want to explore Italy by train.
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  3. There is an Italy Travel Guide by Triposo. It is a free app that brings you city guides for over 100 cities in Italy. It includes a site seeing section with major monuments and my favorite is the eating out section with the best restaurants. There are also offline maps incase you don't have access to the internet at any point during your trip. I think this app is really inclusive of everything you could need to search for while on a trip in Italy.
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  4. Thanks Francis! That's an awesome list - you've covered a bunch of things that will make my life easier when it comes to travel! We're lucky to live in this day and age where we have so much information literally at our fingertips!
  5. Usually I only download apps that are specific to the country I'm going. I'll do that a few days before I go, then delete them a few days after I get back.

    You can pretty much get an app to cover any country in the world these days, no matter what platform your using, either Windows, iOS or android.
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  6. I'm only in my early 30's right now - I remember my first trip overseas when I was 18 or 19, and having to bring guidebooks with me - heavy and cumbersome! So much easier these days having everything accessible in app or ebook type format, particularly when you're on the go and don't want to be weighed down by all that information!
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  7. Well I'm late 30's so I also remember what it was like to travel to a foreign country with a travel packages the travel agent gave you that was about the size of a phonebook!

    Technology these days as certainly made travel a lot easier, and the only downside I've found is that when I'm abroad, I use the apps that much that I have to be careful about my battery.
  8. Well the other caveat is that your apps and or phone may not work everywhere. That is something that needs to checked out before you go abroad obviously. Some carriers are great about working in all areas of the world, and others not so much. It is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration beforehand.
  9. I usually just use mine on wifi - I once (and only once!) put my phone on international roaming when overseas, and then ended up with a giant phone bill. These days wifi seems so freely available basically everywhere that connectivity to my phone carrier isn't really something I need! And I definitely don't need a giant scary phone bill ever again, either! ;)
  10. I think we've all fallen into that trap at one time or another when we've been stung with extortionate data charges by our network providers in the past, but these days them charges are a lot more reasonable.

    Using WiFi only is another way of making sure we don't incur extra charges like @notyourcommodity as already mentioned.
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  11. Yup, I think carriers these days aren't as ridiculous as they were say 10 years ago - and I think that's really heavily based on the fact that there is so much competition these days - people don't have to use their carrier and can just use wifi, so a lot of phone providers do make good deals these days so that you can use their service internationally.
  12. Well I certainly wish that I had some of these when I traveled over there a couple of years ago. I know that when it came to reservations and directions these things would have been really helpful. We ended up making everything work in terms of our plans and all of that, but there were certainly some headaches along the way that probably could have been avoided.
  13. These comments are very helpful! I'll make sure to download all the apps mentioned when I go to Italy once again. Will have to check and see if they work worldwide because that'd be great.
  14. If you are in Rome, the app "Muoversi a Roma" is a good to help you get around.
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