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Anyone Visit Caltagirone, Sicily?

Discussion in 'Sicily' started by Lilly Smith, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. While stationed in Sicily, I had the great pleasure of visiting the quaint little town of Caltagirone in Sicily! I became totally in LOVE with the ceramics from that region! Watching the artist create their wears was just fascinating. I brought back several piece from the region and cherish them! Would LOVE to revisit the area some day, although it probably won't happen now at my age and health. Would love to hear from anyone who has been their and knows of these beautiful ceramic creations.
  2. Never been to Caltagirone, but I can relate to how near and dear this area is for you with all your ceramic treasures you have to remind you of your cherished memories. Wondering what type of ceramics pieces are in your collection?

    I would have a difficult time choosing myself. I found this neat ceramic shop online from Caltagirone. I was drawn to the umbrella stands. They kind of remind me of a large vase. I am kind of a collector of large vases, so this is not a surprise to me. lol

    This one is calling my name. Would love to see your pieces! And hey, never say never. Who knows, you might revisit someday! Oh, and did you get a chance to walk on the famous ceramic stairs, of Santa Maria del Monte?



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