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Any Language Requirements?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Hatty, May 25, 2013.

  1. If an EU passport holder wants to spend time in Italy and look for work there is there any language requirement for entry? I know some countries have this rule, either officially or indirectly.
  2. Hello Hatty and welcome!

    The are no official language requirement to enter or reside in any European country providing you have a EU Passport.

    However, if your intention is to find work in Italy then it is recommended that you have at least a basic knowledge of Italian to have any chance of finding work.

    There are however requirements in how long you can stay.

    Under 3 months:
    You can stay up to 90 days as a tourist.

    3 Months to 5 Years:
    You have to register at your local comune (Town Hall) to make your stay regular.

    5 years+
    You have to apply at your local comune (Town Hall) for permanent stay in Italy.

    In short, if you stay in Italy longer than 3 months you will be required to prove you have an income or sufficient funds to support yourself.
  3. Thanks for the detailed answer Chillout. I didn't have any idea that 3 months was the limit before proving you can manage to support ourself financially. Is there no access to unemployment benefits of any kind? (Not that I would ever want to claim money from another country, I'm just curious.)
  4. Yes, you must prove that you have paid tax and worked for the last two years in any EU country. You can then claim unemployment benefit for a max of 6 months and is usually paid at 80% of your last wage. I presume you will also have to prove that you lost your job rather than you quit your job too.
  5. Speaking from experience, I find it very hard to obtain unemployment. I have tried it several times since I kept remaining jobless a while back.

    The first time I applied for unemployment they have told me I can also bring in the documents to prove I have worked in another EU country, thus make my file "stronger". I did that, I brought in the papers (translated and everything) that proved that I had worked as a "computer operator" (I had some sort of a data entry job, full time) for 2 years before coming to Italy. Here, I have worked for only a few months, but they told me it didn't matter, that I will get unemployment. However, my request has been declined.

    Last time I applied I had been working on and off for one year and since I saw that I'm having a hard time finding a job, I applied for unemployment. They declined it again, saying that I needed to have at least 12 full months of work time, in total, for the last 2 years.

    I found that strange because I have a friend who also applied for unemployment, he only had 5 months of work in the last 2 years (sad, I know) and they said that he needed only one more day to obtain unemployment. The difference between 5 months and almost 12 (which was my case) is huge.

    I have no idea what the rules are but either I am very unlucky or someone is not doing their job over there.

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