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Agrigento - The City With The Lowest Quality Of Life In Italy

Discussion in 'Agrigento' started by Rosie, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Well, it seems that the province of Agrigento is the one area in Italy where the quality of life is pretty bad, compared to other cities. I knew that Sicily is not as prosperous as the rest of Italy, when it comes to the quality of life of the inhabitants, it's been like this for years.

    Don't imagine Sicilians live in horrible conditions :) It's just all about statistics, the Northern part of the country is more prosperous and richer.

    Back to Agrigento, it seems that this city has already been classified as the worst city to live in in 2007 and then again in 2009. The research is based on some parameters, like: standard of living, business and labor, health services, environment, population, public order and leisure.

    Anyway, here's the top, if anyone's interested in the best and worst cities to live in in Italy :)
  2. My friend's family emigrated from there over 50 years ago, so perhaps life in the village had always been a struggle? From what she told me, it's very basic and opportunities are limited, so moving to the UK was a good idea. They don't live in an affluent area in the UK, but her family are very down to earth and hard working people.

    It's the same in most countries, some areas never seem to get better through lack of industry or governance and the natives remain because they have to. In the UK, like Italy there is the North and South divide, (the other way round), but in Italy I still prefer the South.

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