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Abroad Emigration In The Aosta Valey Increases

Discussion in 'Aosta Valley' started by Rosie, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. This is odd... is seems that more and more residents from the Aosta Valley are emigrating. There have been less than 100 people coming to the Aosta Valley, and it is almost double the number of Italians choosing to move away.

    This is actually a common situation all over Italy, but the Aosta Valley is more affected probably because it's so close to the borders with France and, especially, Switzerland.

    It's interesting to see how things change so much, ever since the borders opened for all countries to come and go as they please. I'm actually curious about what will happen in the future, so many people chose to live in another country, and "replace" the natives, who also choose to leave and start life somewhere else.
  2. It seems that with so much moving, the whole world will be a mix of cultures like America eventually. It is more common to see immigration in border states than others. It is just the logistics that create the phenomena. Those border states or areas eventually become more impacted areas as well.
  3. That's right, soon Europe will be a mixture of everyone coming from everywhere and, ideally, we will all be one big happy continent. unfortunately, I don't think this phenomenon will have a happy ending :D We'll wait and see..

    Thing is, Italians are not very happy with all the immigration going on in the last few years. My instincts tell me they really hate it, but other than complaining they haven't done anything else about it. The good part though is that, finally, Italians gathered the courage to try and emigrate themselves!

    Almost all Italians I know have acknowledged the fact that they would never have my courage, get up and leave my home country to live in another one, among strangers. I think this has to do with the fact that, in the Italian culture, people have stronger ties with their families and the country in general :) Also, they were never put in the situation where leaving would be a better option than staying! So, slowly but surely, they started to move to Europe and, well.. a mixed Europe we will have! :)

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