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57% Of Italians Won't Give Up Their Land Line

Discussion in 'General Discussion About Italy' started by Rosie, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. There was a study made on Italians and it looks like 57% of them don't want to live without the regular phone :)

    Here's the link to the news.

    I haven't used a 'normal' phone for years!
    My grandma still has one, but as soon as I moved out I have only had my trusty cell phone and my parents have it... but almost never use it. It just sits there in the same spot they chose for the phone 30 years ago :D

    What do you think?
    Do you still use your land line?
  2. I can quite believe this news and its mainly the older generation that stick to a land line.

    I had one a few years back but only because I had an ADSL installed and it was the same price with or without the phone.

    Since then I got rid of both and use just my mobile. Calls are becoming even more cheaper these days on mobile networks but there will always be those that want just a landline.
  3. Exactly :)

    There are so many special offers now, you practically talk for free.

    Not to mention that with smartphones, you can just go online and talk to your friends on all sorts of applications. I personally use Skype, most of my friends are on Skype.

    Anyway, I agree that it's the older generation who is unlikely to change their habits too soon :D
    My grandma received her mobile phone as a gift from my sister and she has had it for about 6-7 years, can't remember, but anyway, we're talking years! And she's still afraid to use it. Someone else needs to "push the green button" for her, otherwise it keeps ringing until the battery dies :D
  4. I've a landline for my adsl.
    Sometime I play online on multiplayer games and there is too much latency with mobile internet (at least last time that i checked).

    My mother has a contract with her mobile for 500 minutes at month, she even don't use them all..but she want to keep her landline... just to be sure, she don't trust so much mobuile phone :D
  5. I've been trying to get my husband to get rid of our landline for a couple of years now! (I live in the US). But for some reason he just won't! I actually hate having a landline because the only calls we get on it are from sales people!!! And, everyone we know, knows our cell phone numbers!

    Although sometimes his Mom does call us on our landline. Sigh! It is hard to get some people to change habits. I did get her to start emailing me though! So that is progress!! LOL

    It is kind of funny because my Dad is 80 and he only uses his cell phone to call! He is ahead of the curve.

    And yes, calls are getting cheaper and it is just so much easier to use smart phones for everything!!!
  6. I have just recently returned to having a landline after many years of using VoIP services through my adsl (broadband) line.

    I have to say that even though it's old technology, at least it does not slow down my internet connection when on the phone and using the internet at the same time.

    I use mostly my mobile to make calls, but receive quite a few on my landline.
  7. It's funny, while I'm only in my early twenties, I haven't given up my land line either. I prefer to use my smart phone for short calls or texts and to use my land line for long calls to my friends and parents. Yes, I do use services like Skype but it's easier to get a hold of people, especially people like parents or grand parents on their land line.
  8. I think they really enjoy being a traditional and old school. I believe that the landlines always help them in some way or the other as they still hold to them even in this era. I do not think that having landline is such a big deal as long as you use it very well and do not just allow it to get rusted in one corner.
  9. That says a lot about Italy. It's got a lot of old world charm, with many beautiful traditions that they hold on to. But it's also a country that isn't the most progressive, can be extremely bureaucratic, and needs to change a few things to be competitive. I hope it does.
  10. I think it is a briliant idea, I still have a landline and it comes in handy most of the time, as compared to mobile phones , you can never loose your landline it is always at home, you can always foward your call to your mobile, so landlines still serve a great purpose.
  11. It's a bit ridiculous but definitely expected. Humans tend to not change, and especially in the older ages, tend to stick with that they know already. Sure, the landline may have some advantages, but as cellphone technology gets better every year, I'm starting to see less and less of a point to get a landline. At some point, you're just throwing money down the drain, spending money you don't need to be spending.
  12. This is the same here. Most of the older people use landline, some of them can use mobile phones, but some refuse to even try. My grandmother is very fashionable. She uses both the mobile phone and the landline, she makes calls and sends texts to her friends. My grandpa, though, refuses to even try to learn. It's only landline for him. We'd suggested giving it up, as it's only extra money you have to pay, but he said he wouldn't have means of communicating with his friends anymore, and it's true. I guess everyone has a right to decide whether to keep it or not. We're keeping it.
  13. I am from Portugal and let me tell you that the percentage of people with landline has to be similar and there is a traditional explanation for that, most people speak to their families at night and it's free, that is why no one wants to give that up. :)
  14. Wow - I really thought most of the world had given up land lines in exchange for mobile phones. I actually have a landline - and while I can justify getting rid of it - I don't want to. Cell phones can sometimes be unpredictable. Landlines ensure that you always have access to working phone signal if you were having an emergency.
  15. I don't believe this, are you joking? It's FREE to use landline at night? That's revolutionary! There's no way something like that would be free here. It simply doesn't happen. It's... wow. This is the first time I've head of something like this. I mean, I've heard of special landlines which allow you to communicate with certain countries for less money, and things like that, but never that you could call for free...
  16. This is news to me, too. I personally think landlines should be free though, because where I grew up the landlines were free, and so was clean water and health services.
  17. What? Water and health is free? This is also new to me. In my country, you have to pay for water. For a family of six, it costs about 50 euros per month to have running water. Health services are also paid. I am not sure how much per cent from your paycheck, but you pay it. Parents pay for children (from their paycheck) and such. You also pay for medication et cetera.

    This concept is definitely new to me.
  18. Yep, I mean, it's free to call other landlines, I guess it's a way that operators have to keep people paying for the landline, but in fact I pay nothing for it, it's just part of a package.
  19. What's included in the package, I wonder. We have ''packages'' as well, only they don't include free services. For example, you can have the same internet provider, a few extra TV channels and a landline (a package in that sense), but you pay extra for all the services, trust me. Somehow it never pays off. You only think it does. It's incredible that you can call other landlines for free... that's... well, I still haven't wrapped my mind around it. It's a little difficult. I never thought things like that existed in the world.
  20. What's wrong with using a landline? We have a cordless at home, my brother and I don't use our cell phones much, and Mom and Dad don't use cell phones. As long as the power's not out, landlines are good when your cell phone's dead and you don't have your charger. Of course, a landline is one more bill to pay.

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