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13th and 14th month pay

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Veronese, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. 13th and 14th month pay

    Im not sure that any other countries do this but in Italy it is common to receive a 13 month pay. It is usually paid just before Christmas and is usually the same or above a normal monthly salary.

    Some of the bigger companies (or better, depends how you want to describe them) even give you a 14 month pay which is usually paid in the summer months)
  2. In Holland it is also normal, it is called Vacationpay, and the 14th is a xmas bonus.
    But here in Italy, considering to low monthly pay, it is very welkom
  3. Hi Priscilla,

    I know what you mean about the pay here in Italy. I have to say as well that January's pay has to be the worst one as the lovely tax man take's a great chunk of it.

    The good thing here is that you have permesso and holiday pay. Permesso being for the odd hour or half a day that you need to take and holiday for your main holidays.
  4. Sad thing is that I don't work on contract. I have a contratto per lavoro al progetto. This means that I did't get a 14th month at x-mas, won't be getting a 13th month in august, and all free days I might take I have to pay myself.
    I hope that this contract will be changed soon (with a month) because it makes vacation a kind of a expensive hobby.
  5. I know what you mean Pricella,

    One of the biggest problems when working in Italy is the type of contract. This applies to Italian as well as foreigners.

    For my first 2 years of employment i was working under an employment agency and contracts were issued month by month. Luckily they do pay holiday and sick pay but the reality is that if you take too much time off then they do not renew your contract. 13th month and 14th month pay is also not paid.

    I am now on fixed contract (finally) direct with the company so that keeps my stress levels down a bit.

    it is hard and frustrating when on any of these non fixed contracts as you cannot plan things. My only advise is to stay calm and one day you should pass to a fixed type contract.

    I now understand more why Italians use the words a domani or dopo so frequent!
  6. For us we receive our 13th month pay just before the Christmas holiday and I think for some of the government offices they receive it in the month of November. I think that 13th month pay is the one month salary that we receive but in our case it was not like that.
  7. Yes, you gotta love the 13th and 14th salary!
    I'm not a big spender but they do help a lot. You can either choose to spend them like crazy in 2 days or save the money and maybe pay your car insurance for the next year.
  8. My 13th month pay is paid in mid December. It is always welcome to help pay for Christmas and the huge gas bill that arrives in January!

    Our 14th Month pay is a premium and based on the sales for the previous year. Sometimes good, but in recent years has been very little.
  9. From my knowledge, everyone gets a 13th and 14th salary (one in December, one in June or July), except for the "apprendisti" (which are trainees or novices, how you wish to call them). They only have the 13th salary.

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