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  1. Simon

    ITA Captain fell asleep over France on flight from New York to Rome

    I read about this the other day when an ITA Airways (x Alitalia) pilot fell asleep on a flight from New York to Rome. The pilot, which just happened to be the captain, was in the front seat whilst the other pilot was on his designated sleep break. Air traffic control tried to contact the...
  2. Simon

    Rivers In Italy.

    I live pretty close to the river po' and go for a stroll along the river banks most days. It's incredible to think that it starts as a small stream in the Turin area and ends up some 600km later going into the Adriatic sea.
  3. Simon

    Gil Is Here In Italy Virtually

    Welcome to the community, Gil.
  4. Simon

    I Am New Here!

    Welcome to the community, rosecolin.
  5. Simon

    Italian Tobacconists At War With The Electronic Cigarette

    Most small towns in Italy have a vaping shop, so not a problem. Yes, vaping is accepted, but you need to follow the same rules as regular cigarettes when it comes to places where you can smoke.
  6. Simon

    Pane di Altamura

    It's probably one of the most famous types of bread in Italy, but what makes it so unique? Yes, we are talking about the famous bread from the Puglia region known as "Pane di Altamura ".
  7. Simon

    Public Swimming Pools In Italy

    I know many people who go to the gym, but as an alternative, especially during the summer months, I prefer to go to my local swimming pool, which has an outdoor pool from June to the end of August. Yes, I know some of you are lucky enough to live by the sea, but for those of us that are miles...
  8. Simon

    Do You Like Lasagna?

    I've tried many different types of lasagnas, but for me, nothing can beat the classic lasagna a ragu. For those vegetarians out there, or for those who don't eat red meat, zucchini lasagna is a great alternative.
  9. Simon

    Non EU Guests staying at your home in Italy

    I never knew this, but if you have Non-EU guests staying at your home in Italy, you should be declaring them to your local questore (locale police HQ). You should fill in the attached form (COMUNICAZIONE DI OSPITALITÀ) and send it to your local questore. Apparently, if you fail to do this, you...
  10. Simon

    Italy After The Pandemic

    Well, it's June 2022, and most coronavirus restrictions have now been lifted in Italy. The only exception to this is travel on public transport, where it's still required to wear a facemask, but overall, can we finally kiss goodbye to all of the restrictions? What are your thoughts?
  11. Simon


    Sure is; what parts of Italy have you visited?
  12. Simon

    Evening All! New Member Here

    A bit late I guess, but welcome!
  13. Simon

    Italy's Republic Day

    Well, today is Italian Republic Day, so I guess many of you have the day off work and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine? Happy Republic Day!
  14. Simon

    Money Transfers

    Which Money transfer company do you use and why?
  15. Simon

    Uk Driving License In Italy After Brexit

    Will our UK driving licenses be recognised as valid in Italy after Brexit? I have a UK license, but had it “recognised” many years ago which means I have an Italian driving license number too. However, it's only "recognised" and is not an Italian license. I am wondering whether or not I should...
  16. Simon

    Places In Italy With Weird Names

    Here are a few:
  17. Simon

    Iliad - New Mobile Telephone Provider

    A new mobile telephone provider called 'iliad' has been causing a bit of a stir by offering a low cost package that no other italian provider has been able to offer. In terms of coverage, they are currently using the wind network who have been operating in Italy for a good number of years. Has...
  18. Simon

    Where do you live in Italy?

    Mantova is in the north of Italy. Not too far from Verona.
  19. Simon

    Let Us Explore

    Are you able to record a short audio file of the phrase or is it available on youtube?
  20. Simon

    What Are Your Plans For Today's Ferragosto?

    Buon Ferragosto a tutti!