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Food And Drink Pizzeria Masaniello - Mantova

The Masaniello Specializes in dishes from the Campania Region.

  1. virtualitaly
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    Pizzeria Masaniello
    The Masaniello specializes in dishes from the Campania Region. Being both a Pizzeria and Trattoria, there is plenty to choose from.

    Pizzas are cooked with the traditional wood fired ovens.
    Viale Sabotino 13
    Town / City:
    +39 0376 322897

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    This place is really something else. In terms of the location / building there is nothing special but the food is absolutely amazing. Prices are a little expensive with the average pizza costing €1 more than other places but if you’re looking for some authentic Campania food then this place is not to miss.